Working Papers

Working papers are posted by faculty members to share results of research projects completed or in progress. Some papers will go on to be published in leading academic journals.

Working papers are now available on MacSphere and are available through the National Library of Canada.

Smart Home Technology and the Needs of the Aging Population in Southern OntarioOct. 2016
The Role of Support and Sustainability Elements in the Adoption of an Online Self-Management Support System for Chronic IllnessesJun. 2016
Using Big Data & Analytics to Predict Hospital Re-AdmissionsMay. 2016
Using a Video to Measure Patient Perceptions of an Online Self-Management Support System for Chronic IllnessMay. 2016
Springfield Public Health: EMR InitiativeApr. 2016
Review of Different Training Approaches to Facilitate Successful Adoption of EMR Systems by Physicians in Hospital SettingsOct. 2015
Health Informatics Programs for Continuing Education for Health Executives in Western Africa, and Delivery Using Distance On-line Education: A Systematic ReviewJul. 2015
The Impact of Telemedicine on Primary Mental Health Care in CanadaApr. 2015
A Comparison of Telehomecare Delivery Models for Congestive Health Failure in Three Canadian JurisdictionsApr. 2015
Health Information Dissemination from Hospital to Community Care: Current State and Next Steps in OntarioMay. 2014
Novel eHealth Trends in the Field of Radiology: A Scoping ReviewApr. 2014
Health Information Needs and Health Information Provider Segmentation Among Critically Ill People with ComorbiditiesDec. 2013
Emergency Logistics in Large-Scale Disaster Context: Achievements and ChallengesJun. 2013
Improving the Life Saving Performance of Emergency LogisticsMay. 2013
An Exploration of Consumer Health Information Search Patterns and Information Sharing with Physicians in CanadaDec. 2012
Online Self-Management Interventions and Their Implications for Chronically Ill PatientsNov. 2012
Summarizing the Theoretical Foundation for Hospital Communication Research: A Scoping Review of Interdisciplinary LiteratureSep. 2012
Automatic Message Triage: A Decision Support System for Patient-Provider MessagesAug. 2012
Languages of Health Informatics. A Survey of StandardsMay. 2012
Incorporating Hydrid CDSS in Primary Care Practice ManagementNov. 2011
Consumer Identity Theft Prevention and Identity Fraud Detection BehavioursMar. 2011
An Investigation of the Impact of Medical Technology on Physician Service ExpendituresMar. 2011
Predicting the Impact of Hospital Health Information Technology Adoption on Patients SatisfactionFeb. 2011
Using Mobile Technologies to Assist First Responders in Finding Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) Quickly in an EmergencyDec. 2010
Designing a Service Framework for Electronic Personal Health Records: A Patient-Centred ApproachNov. 2010
Electronic Personal Health Records: An Environmental ScanSep. 2010
Mobile eHealth for Self-Management: Procuring the Right SolutionApr. 2010
An Empirical Study of Canadian Consumer and Physician Perceptions of Electronic Personal Health RecordsApr. 2010
Understanding Employee Security Misbehavior in Using Organizational Information SystemsJan. 2010
Toward a Deeper Understanding of Drivers and Enablers of Transformational e-Government: A Multilevel PerspectiveJun. 2009
Health IT Procurement: Best Practices and Risk Management for Personal Health Record (PHR) ImplementationApr. 2009
A Proposed Intelligent Policy-Based Interface for Mobile eHealth EnvironmentsJan. 2009
Electronic Personal Health Record Systems: A Review of Architectural, Privacy, and Security IssuesJan. 2009
A Review of Empirical Studies of Personal Health Record SystemsDec. 2008
Fuzzy Systems Modeling of Ease of Doing Business IndicatorsAug. 2008
Measuring Identity Theft in Canada: 2008 Consumer SurveyJul. 2008
Scrolling Versus Menus on Small Mobile Device Screens: A Mobile Portal Usability StudyJul. 2008
Meauring Identity Theft in Canada: 2006 Consumer SurveyJan. 2008
Improving EMR System Adoption in Canadian Medical Practice: A Research Model and Survey ProposalJan. 2008
Effect of Network Relations on the Adoption of Electronic Trading SystemsJun. 2007
The Relationship Between Mobile and Stationary eGovernment Applications and Environments: A ReviewAug. 2006
Wireless Innovations in Community HealthcareFeb. 2006
m-Healthcare Initiatives for Improving Outpatient Adherence: Opportunities and BarriersJun. 2005
Identifying the Differences Between Stationary Office Support and Mobile Work Support: A Conceptual FrameworkJun. 2005
A Cognitive DSS for Investment Decision Making: Challenges & OpportunitiesNov. 2004
A Theoretical Framework for Combating Identity TheftSep. 2004
Mobile Healthcare Answers to Chronically Ill Outpatient Non-Adherence: Patient Participation and Technology ConundrumAug. 2004
Manipulating Social Presence Through the Web Interface and Its Impact on Consumer Attitude Towards Online ShoppingJul. 2004
The Business Case for Employee Mobility SupportJun. 2004
m-Healthcare Approaches for Improving Outpatient Discharge Adherence in Self-Management of Chronic DiseasesMay. 2004
The Influence of Product Type on Online TrustMar. 2004
Barriers to Canadian SME Adoption of Internet Solutions for Procurement and Supply Chain InteractionsAug. 2003
Barriers to SME e-Procurement Solutions in Canada: A SurveyAug. 2003
Fostering Robust Library Portals: An Assessment of the McMaster University Library GatewayJun. 2003
A Review of Methodologies for the Development of Intelligent AgentsMay. 2003
Information Sharing Methodologies in Support of Knowledge ManagementMay. 2003
Measuring the Strategic Fit of Supply Chain Coordination SystemsApr. 2003
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