Toward a Deeper Understanding of Drivers and Enablers of Transformational e-Government: A Multilevel Perspective

Working PaperAuthorsPublish Date
30 Ali Reza Montazemi
Jeff J Pittaway
Mihail Cocosila
Jun. 2009

The objective of this paper is to contribute to a deeper understanding of drivers and enablers of transformational e-government by examining its multilevel nature. Notwithstanding the contributions of research to date, our knowledge of transformational e-government remains fragmented: prior studies have attended to only a subset of pertinent drivers and enablers. To redress this lack, we draw on the extant literature to identify six dimensions representing twenty-nine attributes that collectively represent a comprehensive view of drivers and enablers of transformational e-government. We undertook a multilevel empirical investigation using both qualitative and qualitative data to assess all six dimensions: external environment, information technology (IT) strategy, internal context, IT infrastructure, IT governance, and competent people. Our findings show that all six dimensions must be simultaneously aligned to achieve transformational e-government. The multilevel perspective advanced in this article offers rich opportunities for theoretical and empirical insights to better understand the drivers and enablers of transformational e-government.

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