The Relationship Between Mobile and Stationary eGovernment Applications and Environments: A Review

Working PaperAuthorsPublish Date
17 Norm Archer Aug. 2006

Mobile government applications are becoming more ubiquitous as wireless networks expand and new technologies and applications are applied to government-related functionalities. This paper compares stationary and mobile applications in government, and develops a model that emphasizes the transition to eGovernment, based on an infrastructure that has much in common with the support of content for both types of applications. The four functionalities of eGovernment (G2E, G2C, G2G, and G2B) are described in this context, and characteristics and issues with mGovernment solutions are outlined in some detail. Finally, a comparison of a variety of applications in both mobile and stationary environments concludes that there is no real pattern in their suitability for mobile adaptation. However, it is quite clear that mobile solutions are most likely to offer the most significant benefits for G2E and G2C functionalities.

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