The Role of Support and Sustainability Elements in the Adoption of an Online Self-Management Support System for Chronic Illnesses

Working PaperAuthorsPublish Date
58 Reza Aria
Norm Archer
Jun. 2016

The cost of treating chronic disease in Canada has risen to an average of 45%. Thus, more attention is being directed to health and disease self-management, to help patients mitigate and manage their chronic diseases. This study investigates how decision support, education and training and a rewards system, help and motivate patients to adopt the proposed system. The proposed model was tested by using data collected from a survey including 198 participants. The study reveals that: individuals’ perceptions on performance and effort expectancy, and hedonic motivation were influenced by the proposed elements; further, age has an influence on behavioral intention.

Keywords— mobile health, e-health, self-management, decision support, chronic disease

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