Mobile eHealth for Self-Management: Procuring the Right Solution

Working PaperAuthorsPublish Date
32 Runki Basu
Michael Wilson
Apr. 2010

This paper examines the procurement and vendor selection process for a mobile ehealth project for the self management of type 2 diabetes. The method involved literature review, key interviews, research on existing devices for measuring blood glucose, blood pressure and body weight using Bluetooth technology and integration with Personal Health Record systems. The project management context as well as a mobile ehealth solution is discussed. Selecting medical devices and integrated solutions, whether insourced or outsourced, involves specific stakeholders. A clinical procurement team has to be constituted differently from the business model in supply chain management. There are key legal as well as technical requirements such as health department certifications for software and provincially legislated guidelines for Request for Proposals. Industries are making strides in implementing solutions for mobile healthcare but there is a need for continual clinical testing to establish evidence based proof of efficacy and cost effectiveness.

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