McMaster eBusiness Research Centre

eBusiness is the application of information and communication technologies (ICT) in support of business activities. Electronic business methods enable companies to link their internal and external data processing systems more efficiently and flexibly. They help companies work more closely with suppliers and partners, and to better satisfy the needs and expectations of their customers.

In practice, e-business is more than just e-commerce. eBusiness is a strategic approach which emphasises functions that occur using electronic capabilities. eCommerce is one part of an overall e-business strategy.

McMaster University established the McMaster eBusiness Research Centre (MeRC) within the DeGroote School of Business in 2000. It provides leadership and infrastructure support to academic and industry partners for innovative e-business research.

MeRC focuses on three main activities:

  • Research
    To identify and undertake important areas of cross-disciplinary e-business research, and to secure the resources to support that research.
  • Education
    To provide e-business training and knowledge to current and future academic and business leaders.
  • Outreach
    To provide an interface and enhance the dialogue between the business community and academia.

MeRC is housed at the DeGroote School of Business in Hamilton, Ontario. The centre has administrative and researcher offices, usability labs, research and teaching labs, decision centres, and a PhD centre for e-business research.

MeRC’s administrative and research activities are supported by the DeGroote School of Business and McMaster University in conjunction with corporate partners through sponsored projects, and MeRC memberships and donations, matched whenever possible by government grants.

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