eBusiness education is provided at the undergraduate, masters, and PhD levels at the DeGroote School of Business.

Undergraduate commerce students can select from a number of e-business electives in their final years of study. Courses cover a range of topics, including management issues in e-business, and more technically focused database design and telecommunications. These courses are also open to Engineering and Management students as electives.

The DeGroote School of Business also offers a wide variety of e-business options in the MBA program. MBA graduates are generally trained to provide management and leadership skills, but often lack the technical background required to shape and accomplish the operational and strategic objectives of e-business. On the other hand, computer science graduates may have the technical competence, but lack the business skills necessary for technology management. DeGroote offers specialization options which provide MBA graduates with the management and technical skills demanded and necessary in the electronic marketplace. Find out more about the MBA specializations.

DeGroote also offers a thriving PhD program in business administration, including a specialization in the information technology field where students have the opportunity to undertake research projects in e-business. Our graduates will be a source of career talent for academic and industrial programs that require instruction and/or research in e-business. Find out more about the fields of study in our PhD program.

McMaster University has established a Masters of Science in eHealth degree program. This is a collaborative initiative involving the Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, and the DeGroote School of Business. The program, with its triple faculty, collaborative approach, is unique in Canada.

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